Top Interview Tips: Common Questions, Body Language & More

2022-03-25 16:23:51

Looking for interview tips? In this video, we dissect an entire job interview from start to finish. We analyze everything from common interview questions to etiquette and how to follow up. Our key takeaways are:

- Your interview begins the moment you step in the building. Have good posture, keep eye contact, and treat everyone you encounter with respect.
- Once in the interview, you'll likely be asked why you're interested in the role. To answer this, think about your past experience and how the role lines up with your future goals.
- Don't speak negatively about past places you've worked.  Instead, talk about things you've learned.
- Practice polite, confident body language.  Miming the interviewer's posture can create a sense of connection.
- Have a shortlist of questions prepared for the interviewer. Ask questions you would have if you got the job. Even if you don't have any questions, asking a few shows that you came prepared and that you care.
- Follow-up with the hiring manager within 24-hours of the interview.  This can be a quick note thanking them for their time, or a longer one that elaborates on some of the things you talked about.